You’re a smart, tech-savvy adventurous gentleman that smells like a million bucks.

You’re sensitive, care about personal hygiene and fancy yourself as a cool dude.

On the outside it looks like you’ve got it going on.  

But, your bachelor pad? The decor is hanging on by a thread.

You’ve got enough geek stuff at home that you know it’s bordering on tacky. And - full disclosure- you feel completely lost when it comes to getting decorating advice you can trust.

You want a bachelor pad that says you’ve arrived, but you’re not sure how to pull it all together.

portland  oregon interior decorator

I’m Misty an interior designer based in Portland, Oregon.

I collaborate with single guys to design bachelor pads that are a natural extension of their personality.

I do this through my intuitive home analysis where I get the core of who you are and how you live to create a space that’s uniquely yours without the design drama you’d encounter with those fancy pants designers. You know the type.

Or to put in in more simple terms:

I work with bachelors to take your place from stale to stunning.

How I Can Help You

More than just being able to put a room together; I am an amazing listener and pride myself in truly getting to know the unique personality of each of my clients and using that to create spaces that fit the way you really live!


Whether you’ve just moved in or it’s been a minute, I’m ready to meet you where you’re at. If you’ve got a blank canvas and you’re ready to have it feel like home, or are just looking to finish off a space using what you got, I’m ready to help you save time and save some cash.

Because? Your bachelor pad, is more than being a bachelor.

It’s about who you truly are.
The guy that works hard and plays hard who deserves to have the home he’s earned.

Misty did a great job offering suggestions that met my style needs but put together options that fit our lifestyle.