Ultimate Bachelor Pad

ultimate bachelor pad

When you think Bachelor Pad what immediately comes to mind? Run down pleather sofas with the vinyl coming off, pizza boxes everywhere, crates instead of tables? Well hopefully this bachelor pad inspires you to step it up, Bachelors! You don't have to live that way! 

Paul moved to Portland with basically nothing! Like most Portland transplants, he left everything in Chicago to move to the beautiful Pacific NW for the mountains!  The few pieces he did bring were part of a set without much individuaity- they didn't speak to Paul's true taste.

He knew he wasn't ready to purchase a home yet, but he did want quality pieces that could grow with him.

Upon my arrival, everything was still in boxes- he had only been in Portland for 3 days!

 He works ALOT and wanted to come home to a space that he could truly relax in. He did have some awesome pieces from his travels, but he never knew how  to incorporate them into his home- how would any of his newfound Portland friends know how well traveled he is?

Also when we started the apartment was beige...everything was beige.

We decided to use blues, tan, rust, and gold to create a tranquil space that could be a respite from travel and work. I made it easy for him with just a few options so he still had a sense of ownership but didn't have to spend a ton of time pouring thru catalogs and searching online. 

Once we had a palette selected we worked on a space plan and selected quality furnishings that he could relax on AND be proud of. We even unpacked his travel souvenirs and used them as accent- no more boxes, boring, and beige here!

Paul has been amazing to work with I could not ask for a better client! Thank you, Paul!

If you're ready to upgrade your bachelor pad contact me at misty@mistymaxey.com! 


When I moved to Portland, I did not take a lot furnishings with me and was looking for someone to help me put my place together. Misty impressed me immediately with her engaging personality, sense of style and willingness to listen to what I was looking for. She took the time to figure out what style I was going for and the budget I was looking at.
Misty was able to quickly put together a plan and get my place feeling like a home. After the basics were taken care of, she pulled the place together and gave it the feel I was looking for. Misty was able to push my comfort zones and expand my vision of what a living space could be. I couldn’t be happier with the results! I’m pretty proud of my place and coming in the front door feels like I’ve truly come home.
— Paul G.