Who is the Bachelor Pad Designer?

I know their are a ton of other decorators out there! You could choose anyone of them....and you might get stuck with a crappy one. Hopefully not! 

Wanna know what sets me apart? Well here ya go...

I am from the country I was born in a very small town! It has humbled me a lot I am down to earth and un pretentious. My parents are both artists and I have always been encouraged to develop my creativity. While I have attended school for interior design I think that life has taught me much more than most design classes could have. My life has been full of love, loss, happiness, fear, and all of the emotions! While I am still young I have not shied away from life experience which makes it all the more easy for me to connect and relate to people from all different walks of life. I believe in spaces that are not only beautiful but functional! I believe in creating a space that is full of the things you love and adds to and shows your life story. 

Helping you is such an honor! 

Seriously though! I know it sounds corny but when I really sit back and think about how I will impact your everyday life I feel so honored. I take this responsibility very seriously and would never design a space that was not adding to your daily life in a positive way! Some other designers get too big for their britches and think you should be honored to work with them. I think that is a load of crap and I will never stop realizing how special my role as a designer is in impacting lives. 

I am always on the hunt...

I love to thrift! I even had a client ask me once if I was the female Macklemore...lmao. The environment is important to me and while that is not the only reason I thrift it is a big reason. It also helps keep the costs lower on your design project and gives you really friggin awesome one of a kind conversation starters for when your friends come over. Trust me they will be drooling over the things I will find....and they won't be able to get them themselves making your space yours and yours alone! 

If you want to have fun laugh and create a space that will make you feel right at home and your friends and family drool contact me @ misty@mistymaxey.com