Where to thrift shop in Portland

Who doesn't love a good thrift shop! Especially here in Portland we have soooo so many! Here are a list of 4 thrift shops I love and find amazing things at! 

Grand Marketplace 


Housed in an amazing old warehouse Grand Marketplace has tons of booths each curated by a different person! You seriously never know what you'll find. I could literally spend hours and hours perusing and hunting for amazing things! Their inventory includes mid-century, modern and industrial furniture, as well as vintage fashion and accessories. It's truely a creative boost everytime I walk in the door. 

Brooklyn Mall 


I feel like literally every style is shown at Brooklyn Mall it is incredibly ecclectic! Tons of amazing antiques & collectibles! Very reasonabe prices & they even offer delivery! If you're not sure where to thrift shop in Portland Brooklyn Mall is a must! 



William Temple House 


The options start to get slightly more grungy from here on out! William Temple House is always hit or miss but definitely worth a quick stop in! It's in the more high-end part of town so you often stumble upon amazing high-end furnishings and decor at insanely low prices. The clothing is never very interesting to me usually more granny than my taste. Plus it supports a wonderful local charity! Definitely for the more seasoned thrift hunter! They also pick up goods for donation if you are doing spring cleaning and would love to support this amazing cause. 

Goodwill Outlet 


Fondly referred to as THE BINS! OK, ok bear with me now! This is EXTREME thrifting/picking! If you are germaphobic this is most definetly not the place for you. I seriously went back and forth before deciding to include this in my list. Honestly though if you're really into thrifting like I am you will find amazing things here. This is where I love to buy trendy clothes. I rarely if ever buy furniture but did once score and amazing lil settee for $5 yes $5! I've also purchased high end jogging strollers here for $30. Clothes are by the pound and I get an entire cart for $25. Like I said though this is not for the faint at heart. It's literally all the crap goodwill cannot sell thrown into giant bins for you to dig thru. Bring gloves and get ready to find amazing name brand clothes mixed in with all the crap! 


Happy Hunting lil thrifters! If you love the idea of one of a kind vintage pieces but don't have time or patience to hunt or cannot get over the ick factor let me help you! Contact me today and we can restyle your room with amazing thrifted accents this weekend!