Decorating Rules Every Stylish Man Must Follow

Simple Bachelor Pad Decorating Rules That Any Guy Can Follow

  1. Less is more

    Start by decluttering your space if needed to make the things you really love shine even more!

  2. Along with decluttering make sure the space is clean,

    no dishes in the sink or clothes all over the floor!

  3. Simple colors!

    You probably see colors as blue, red, yellow, green etc… don’t overthink the color scheme. Going into Sherwin Williams and looking at restful grey or robins egg blue might have your end spinning by the end and you might even walk out of there with a bright yellow and green because you know your a Timbers fan. You’re going to regret it big time when you go home! Stick with some warm greys or tans as your base paint color and add in splashes of dark blue or orange in accents to liven the place up.

  4. Buy Art!

    No your sports posters hanging up with thumbtacks does not count! Invest in some real big art to add to your walls.

  5. Buy things you love!

    Don’t let your mom push some fru fru shit on you that is her style and trust me no girl wants a mama’s boy.

  6. Show off your interests and personality!

    If you play the guitar find a nice stand for it in the living room, love a sports team? It’s ok to show off some of your collection but remember we’re not looking to go to the baseball hall of fame everytime we walk in your living room.

  7. Stay away from…

    the giant sectional with the built in fridge, cupholders, and full recline… I know you want to be comfortable but I also know you don’t want that sectional to suck up your ass until you fall in a deep depression & gain 40lbs playing Call of Duty all day.

  8. Have a functional space

    While still having a few things just for show like that awesome vintage globe you found.

  9. An area rug

    should always be large enough to go under all the furniture legs at least. You don’t want Aladdin's magic carpet floating in the mind of your room. Ground it by putting it under the sofa legs.

  10. Get some green!

    Plants will liven up your space and clean the air it’s a win win!