Vision Boards Aren’t Just For Chicks

Does the thought of a vision board bring to mind some girl on instagram, doing yoga on a cliff, and talking about finding her spirit animal… well I’m here to tell you vision boards are the shit! You’re probably thinking about a girl in yoga pants now and I might have lost you but let’s stay on track!

Man on Mountain .png

Guys need goals and ways to visualize them too!

Let’s face it’s not easy for you to visualize your home when I’ve shown you a paint color and choice pieces of furniture. However, when I throw it all into my fancy 3D software and you see the colors on the wall and furniture in place. Now you can see it! When you close your eyes you can imagine yourself sitting there in your awesome new bachelor pad.

Same thing goes for a vision board! Sometimes we cannot visualize our goals. We cannot see ourselves in our minds eye in the places we want to be, doing the things we want to do, and making the fat stacks we want to make. Enter the vision board!

Like any thing you go to build, fix, or work on whether it be a woodworking project, car, or a computer - you’re going to need some tools.

Mans Tool Collection

This is your list of tools:

  1. Piece of paper

  2. Pen

  3. Foam-core board or moleskin notebook

  4. Stack of magazines or print images from online

  5. Scissors

  6. Tape or a glue stick

  7. Your Imagination

The first thing I like to do is spilt the different parts of my life up and sort of categorize them. Some examples might be Work, Fun, Friends, Money, Spirituality, & Health. However if you just want to focus on one area you can do that too!

Once you’ve figured out those core areas of your life write them down on the piece of paper leaving a little room around each one to mind map them out more fully.

Magazines Coffee Iphone .png

Start thumbing thru the magazines or doing some google image searches for images that represent some of your goals. Cut out and print all the things that seem to fit into the vision of what you want in life. Don’t paste anything onto the board yet just start cutting and setting things into categories based on the different areas of your life.

Feel free to have images, quotes, or words that represent each thing. It really is whatever you want to make it. Be realistic in your aspirations but, also push yourself some. Be bold in what you’re passionate about!

Once you have them all cut out weed thru them some. Really choose the ones that fit with where you want to go in life. What do you really want!?

Visionary Dude.png

Below is an example of my vision board. I like to have some areas to add little notes and things I learn along the way or when I accomplished something I like to put a date. Do what works for you! You can group them together into the categories and paste them on the board or you can have all the images mixed up there is not a “right” way to do it.

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 7.19.47 PM.png

Now you might be sitting here reading this and being like ok lady yea me pasting a bunch of shit on a board is not necessarily going to make it come true…

Well yea that’s true if you just sit on your ass and stare at the board nothing is going to get done. However if you use the board as a roadmap to where you’re going you look at it and remember where you want to go. Then set the steps to get there.

Day in and day out making steps towards the life you want with the vision in front of your face. You will get there you can fail but never stop trying. You will accomplish the things you want in life with vision and perseverance!

Now get to work making a vision for your life!

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