What mama doesn't want a magenta rug in her living room :)

A sneak peek of Misty's home complete with one of her custom art pieces. RAWR

After a divorce Elaine purchased her own home for her and her three kiddos! Wanting to update the space and really make it her own we added sparkly quartz countertops and took this kitchen out of the 90's! 


Elaine's Kitchen Update! 

moodboard design Portland designer Misty Maxey
relaxing anthropologie bedroom boho shabby chic Misty Maxey

We made Stephanie's sleep a little more pleasant with this bedroom design! The lamp on the right is made from an antique wallpaper roller and the one on the left is from a old mechanic light. So glad Steph and I got to work together she was so much fun :)

Johnathan was ready to upgrade his studio and create a minimalist space that still felt homey. We used a bench instead of a traditional coffee table to better fit the small space. As well as a multi functional side table so Johnathan can continue to work from home in style!

Every Xbox needs a stylish home! 

Paul had just moved across the country from Chicago with basically nothing! Ready to start a new life in Portland, OR; but very busy working proffessional. He wanted a space that was restful and felt like home after work. He sure did alot of adulting in this space!  Now he gets the lay back and sleep on his comfy sofa. 

Paul's Masculine Master Bedroom

This locally made teal sofa is the perfect update to a traditional mid century style and easy to keep clean for Elaine and the kid's.