Pssst. There’s one secret every bachelor should know.

Your bachelor pad is an extension of your personality and whether you’re bringing a date home, watching Netflix or hanging with the guys, it shouldn’t look like your awkward 16-year-old self decorated the place.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a bachelor who’s been passively looking for furniture for your pad, but not ready to commit to anything.

  • You find every excuse in the book to avoid bringing your date home because you don’t want her to think you’re a Craigslist killer because of your lack of decor.

  • You’d looooooove to inject your personality into your home, but you’re terrified you’ll waste a bunch of money on ugly crap that will have your friends making fun of your decorating choices until the end of time.

  • You want your place to be the perfect representation of your personality, quirks and all - with or without the ubiquitous leather couch.

  • You really want to work with an interior designer who’ll be more like one of the guys who is more down to earth than looking down her nose at you!

Then, we gotta talk.

Let’s be real; you weren’t born yesterday.

You’ve taken a Buzzfeed quiz to find out your style, followed a few Instagram accounts and even asked the guys on Reddit for advice, not that you’d like to admit that. You know that you need help with decorating your bachelor pad and that’s why you’ve tried to do it on your own.

Only problem? You’re place is kinda empty, dancing with depression and definitely not fit for company.

It’s time to stop farting around and get it done, dude.


  • Every date that walks through the door becoming intoxicated by your stylish bachelor pad

  • Invoking the embodiment of cool as the guys come over to watch the big game in a place they could only dream about having for themselves

  • Shredding the final thread of inhibition by having a place that unapologetically shouts that you’ve arrived, quirks and all

While you’ve hung your posters with care and maybe even sprung for the fancy oak frame for your college diploma, your home isn’t reflective of who you are. You’re not only defined by your success, but also by your personality and that chintzy recliner? It’s screaming despondent shoe salesman.

But I have an idea.

Introducing Bachelor Pad Design: An interior design service for Portland bachelors who are more than single guys. They’re men with discerning tastes that know decorating your home isn’t something that comes naturally to you.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Misty and I’ve created my signature design services for bachelors because even though you know you need help when it comes to decorating, you’re finding the entire process more daunting than you expected.

I help bachelors and make their home look like a tailored expression of how far you’ve come, your one-of-a-kind personality and most importantly,  feeling proud at this home you’ve created.


Here’s What You Get With Every Bachelor Pad Design Package:

  • A consultation focused on your personality, attitude, and tastes so that your pad is a perfect extension of who you are.

  • Consistent communication so that you’re never left out of the process.

  • A color scheme that won’t keep you up at night wondering if it will really work.

  • A To-scale floor plan so you know that everything will fit in your home.

  • A strategy to pull it all together so you aren’t wondering anymore what you should do next.

Ready to roll? Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the design package below and submit your payment to reserve your spot.

  2. I’ll email you with a link to my calendar to book your one-hour consultation where I’ll come out and collaborate with you about creating the bachelor pad of your dreams.

  3. I’ll head back to my place, grab a cup of coffee and get to work on crafting your stylish home.

  4. After every perfect piece has been selected for you, you’ll get a chance to look over and approve what I’ve whipped up for you.

  5. Once you’ve give me your stamp of approval, I’ll finalize everything and you’ll be on your way to bachelor pad heaven!


Modern Man Makeover

Starting From $2800

✓ In-Home Space Analysis (1 Hour Initial)

✓ Regular correspondence

✓ To-Scale floor plan

✓ Rendering

✓ Mood board

✓ Shopping list

✓ Paint Colors

✓ Finish & Fabric Selection

✓ Tradesmen recommendations (if necessary)

✓ Delivery + Installation coordination


Gentleman's HQ


✓ In-Home Space Analysis (1 Hour Initial)

✓ Regular correspondence

✓ To-Scale floor plan

✓ Intentional Decluttering

✓ Rendering

✓ Mood Board

✓ Shopping list

✓ Paint Colors

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Budget Bachelor Pad


✓ In-Home Space Analysis (1 Hour Initial)

✓ Regular correspondence

✓ To-Scale floor plan

✓ Mood Board

✓ Paint Colors

✓ To-Do List

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When I moved to Portland, I did not take a lot of furnishings with me and was looking for someone to help me put my place together. Misty impressed me immediately with her engaging personality, sense of style and willingness to listen to what I was looking for.

Misty was able to push my comfort zones and expand my vision of what a living space could be. I couldn’t be happier with the results! I’m pretty proud of my place and coming in the front door feels like I’ve truly come home.
— Paul G.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know what my design style is. That’s okay, with my intuitive design analysis I get  to the nitty gritty of people’s design style.

Are you willing to work with pieces I already have? Of course, why should we throw out perfectly good stuff?  If there is a piece you just adore, we can work with it. (If it is hideous, we'll have to throw it out and you must wear the "I had a Hideous Piece of Furniture" Sash for the next month in public.)

Can you work with a reasonable budget? I do work with reasonable budgets. The key is reasonable, not opulent. You’ll tell me your budget and if you can’t afford to furnish your space all at once, don’t worry. The beauty of this package is that you don’t have to buy it all in one day. Buy when you can.

This seems like a lot of money, no? The design packages start at $500. If you were to go to the furniture store and plop down this amount of money you’d maybe get an armchair and side table. Now that’s fine and dandy until you get it home and realize it looks totally wrong. Then you have to list it on Craigslist to sell it. After that ordeal of dealing with the flakes that don’t show up, the creepers that freak you out and low balling is done, you’re back to square one with no design plan in place.

I don’t live in Portland, Oregon, can you still help me? But of course, my good fellow! All you need to do is send me a note and we’ll take it from there.

Not ready to take it to the next level? How about let’s chat for an hour about your project (it’s only $125) and if you’d like to move forward, I’ll credit that to the package of your choice.

Not ready for the full package?

How about let’s chat for an hour about your project (it’s only $125) and if you’d like to move forward, I’ll credit that to the package of your choice.