The 5 Bachelor Pad Essentials You Must Have

There are certain things that every bachelor pad needs to show everyone in your life that you're not that kid they used to know, but an independent guy that has arrived. 

Bachelor Pad Decor

Funk Be Gone

Of course, I'm not talking about James Brown or Bruno Mars funk. I'm talking about how your place smells. It can't smell like a gym where you can practically grab the steaming spores of fungi dancing through the air nor can it smell like you've won a lifetime supply of Axe.

Make sure that you've got a place (and a schedule) for your laundry duties.

Hot Chick Posters Do Not Count As Art

While we can all appreciate the beauty of the human form, a poster of whichever hot chick of your choosing should never be confused with real art. In fact, posters of all kinds do not deserve a spot on your walls. 

By "real art" I'm not saying that you must go find yourself some oil painting by some guy from the last century. What I am saying is that this is my definition of real art:

Bachelor Pad Art

A Bathroom That Doesn't Remind You Of The One At The Stadium

We all know how disgusting public restrooms can be and yours needs to be pristine. Your mother should be able to go in there and be so happy that she wants to hug you because it is clean, smells good and doesn't give her the heeby-jeebies at all. 

Every nice bathroom needs proper storage to hide your foot fungus cream and your other potions you apply that the public doesn't need to know about. You should also have a trash can with a lid and liner (the ladies will appreciate it trust me).

Silky, Smooth Sheets

Laying on sheets that feel like a crusty newspaper from 1987 is the worst and that is why I must tell you about this magical thing called a "thread count". Sure, you could go ahead and buy those crappy, rough cheap sheets but you won't be impressing anyone if you know what I mean. 

Here's what you need to look for when you buy your first set of nice sheets. High thread count is always a bonus but, even that can sometimes be deceiving, sheets are something you should buy in person. Open the package and feel the fabric if it’s soft and you can almost not resist continuing to pet it those are the ones. Make sure you know your stores return policy too so once you get them home and actually sleep on them if they’re uncomfy you can return them. Fabric content you want to look for is cotton, Egyptian cotton, or even silk.

mid century modern bachelor pad

Furniture You Didn't Buy From Craigslists or Ikea

Believe me when I tell you that just because I'm a decorating maven I also understand there can be some high markups on furniture. That, however, is no excuse to furnish your living room with a dad recliner and a flimsy nightstand. 

The furniture you choose doesn't have to be expensive and in fact, you can find some nice vintage pieces that have a hundred percent more character than a lot of the new things out today.

My hope is these bachelor pad essentials got you started on the right foot. If you want to take it to the next level and create a bachelor pad that is unique to your own personality book a consultation so we can get started today!